Young Professionals of Campbell River Policies


The name of this organization shall herein be called the Young Professionals of Campbell River and shall herein be referred to as ‘YPCR’.


To bring the talent of our members together by collaborating and connecting through business networking, social interaction, community involvement and professional development.


YPCR memberships will be granted to applicants who

a) have paid their dues in full;

b) are individuals between the ages of 19 and 45 (inclusive); and

c) live, work or otherwise contribute to the Campbell River area.

Honorary Members

The Board may, at its discretion, grant Honorary Member status to any individual who the Board deem to be worthy of membership but is otherwise ineligible for membership. Honorary Members are entitled to participate in all club activities at member prices, but are not eligible to hold office or vote.

Board of Directors

a. The Board of Directors (“Board”) will be the chief policy making body for the YPCR.

b. To be eligible to run as a member of the Board, an individual must be a Member in good standing of YPCR.

c. The Board will consist of 10 Directors.

d. No person may hold more than one titled position on the Board at any time, ie: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, or Secretary.

e. The term of office for all Directors shall be one year running from the date of the Annual General Meeting.

f. There are no restrictions on the number of terms a Member may serve on the Board. A Director may hold a given position on the Board for a maximum of 3 consecutive terms, unless there are no other Directors who want to hold that position.

g. In the event of a vacancy on the Board for any reason, the remaining Directors may appoint an interim Director to hold the vacant position until the next election. The Term of every Director will expire at the following Annual General Meeting, regardless of the commencement date.

h. The Board shall meet as necessary to conduct the business of YPCR. Generally, this will be a monthly meeting.

i. Half of the Directors of the Board constitutes a quorum for the purposes of carrying on business at Board meetings. Directors may attend meetings in person, by telephone or virtual platforms.

Board Positions

The Board Positions of the YPCR shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Directors at Large.

The responsibilities of each Board Position shall be as follows:

a. President:

Be the chief executive officer of the YPCR with all powers necessary and proper which are not prohibited by the Constitution or other governing document or assigned to another Board Member;

Chair all meetings of the Board and General Body;

Have the power to set normal meetings of the Board and General Body and call special meetings of the Board;

Have the power to create standing and ad hoc committees upon approval of the Board;

Primary liaison with all media contacts; and

Ensure direction in line of constitutional goals.

b. Vice-President:

Assume the office of the President in the event of a vacancy in that office; assume the duties of the President in his/her absence;

Perform such duties as assigned by the President of the YPCR Board; and

Assist the President in his/her duties.

c. Secretary:

Take minutes of all meetings of the Board and the General Body and records of YPCR Activities; and

Organize all internal documents and communications in a centralized location.

d. Treasurer:

Keep accurate records of YPCR finances;

Report on organization finances at Board meetings; Create annual YPCR budget;

Collect membership dues and sponsorship proceeds; and

Record if each member has paid his/her membership dues.

e. Directors at Large:

The Directors at large shall share responsibility for all other duties of directors. In collaboration and cooperation with the other Directors, they shall organize into committees to best manage and administer these responsibilities (see Section 9 for more information on committees). Each Director at large must chair at least one committee. All directors may sit on multiple committees. 

Specific responsibilities of the Directors at Large include:

Recruiting new members;

Maintaining relationships with community organizations relevant to YPCR; maintaining communications with local businesses and education institutions as necessary; and

Managing all fundraising for the organization, in cooperation with President.

Elections to the Board

Elections of Directors will be held at the Annual General Meeting each year. A call for nominations shall be made to the General Body at least 30 days before the elections are to take place.


a. The Board may create standing and ad hoc committees as necessary to conduct the business of YPCR. As of the publication of this document, regular committees include: Communications, Membership, Events, Community Engagement, and Gala.

b. The Chairperson of all standing committees must be a Director.

c. Committees shall formulate procedures of matters not provided for in the Bylaws. Such procedures must not be inconsistent with the Bylaws.

Communications Committee shall: 

Maintain the YPCR website and social media platforms;

Maintain communication with Members through electronic methods and/or newsletter;

Manage and oversee the YPCR website; 

Liaise with all media contacts; and

Work together with the Directors at Large to promote upcoming YPCR events, projects and news of YPCR to the members.

Membership Committee shall:

Maintain the YPCR membership list, including the name, address, D.O.B., phone number and email address of the Members in accordance with privacy policies and all applicable legislation; and

Manage Member intake and retention;

Events Committee shall:

Create annual YPCR event calendar;

Oversee the planning and execution of the YPCR events; 

Ensure YPCR events match organization mission and goals; and

Invite guest speakers to speak to our members about subjects aligned with the four pillars of the YPCR.

Community Committee shall:

Lead the YPCR charity and community involvement initiatives; and

Be responsible for coordinating YPCR participation for community-related activities and events.